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Zhejiang University Fuli Institute of Food Science

        Zhejiang University Fuli Institute of Food Science (FIFS) is an innovation in internationalized student training in food science of Zhejiang University. It also focuses on specialty food resources development and scientific research in food nutrition and safety.
        FIFS was established on September 13, 2012, and was supported by the Zhejiang University Fuli Institute of Food Science Special Education Fund. FIFS is organized with Council, Academic Committee and Teaching and Research Teams. The Council is the decision-making body, Academic Committee is the academic advisory body and Teaching and Research Teams are the executive body.

        FIFS, as an open training and scientific research platform, aims to promote undergraduate and graduate education for the global food industry, especially in the food safety and nutrition areas; to enhance research capacity to conduct food safety, human nutrition, and marketing as well as value-added processing of agricultural products; and to stimulate technology transfer to the food chain nationally and internationally.

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