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Undergraduate Admission-QiushiClass(Food Safety and Nutrition)
April 08 . 2013

        For the implementation of "Education innovation ability promotion plan", to strengthen the innovation cooperation of universities and enterprises in the talents training, Hangzhou Hongsheng Beverage Group Co., Ltd. donated seven thousand million yuan to set up the Zhejiang University Education Foundation Fuli Institute of Food Science Education Foundation, earmarked for the construction and development of Zhejiang University FuliInstitute of Food Science and high-end talent cultivation. The 2012 Qiushi Class Undergraduate Admission and Enrollment are hereby notified as follows:
        20 people
        The admission selection from the science and engineering students enrolled in 2012 (not including which have enrolled at Zhu Kezhencollege students and advance admitted students).
        Get the application form from the new register office or relevant college or download the application form either from the Zhu Kezhen college webpage (http://ckc.zju.edu.cn/Trends),or  theFood chemistry college webpage (Index1.asp) .
        August 30th 9:00 - 16:00 ZhuKezhen College (East 1D - 104).

1. The students in the Qiushiclass (food safety and Nutrition) do not have to confirm their major after the admission.
2. They will be awarded Bachelor of engineering after graduation.
3. Teaching and student management of Qiushi Class jointly responsible by Zhu Kezhencollege and Biological SystemEngineering and Food Science College.

Zhu Kezhencollege
Biological System Engineering and Food Science College

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