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'Research and Development of Plant Resources
March 17 . 2014

Agricultural industrialization of the Plant ResourcesGrowing uncertainty over the status of poverty, hunger, food security and environment has led the world strive to seek solutions. As the population expands rapidly on our globe, ways to upgrade our quality of life is the most important mission for the agricultural and biosystems engineers. In 2000, 189 nations made the declaration of the eighth Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to be achieved by 2015. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, and ensuring environmental sustainability are the two main targets in the MDG. Agricultural modernization is one of the crucial solutions to resolve the difficulties, and agricultural and biosystems engineering is its foundation. As 2015 approaches, the need for accelerating progress and exchanging achievements towards these goals among engineers and scientists in the world is evident.


We hereby have the honor to organize the 18th World Congress of the International Commission of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR) from September 16th to 19th, 2014 in Beijing, China. Under the energetic guide of the General Assembly of CIGR, this Congress will remain faithful to the pattern established in past CIGR World Congresses, while incorporating innovative new elements to promote exchange and collaboration among agricultural engineers, and to offer a unique opportunity to present the results of research and to discuss important issues from a global perspective.


Botanical resources have gained great interest from the international biomedical and Food Institutions as a valuable source of potential medicines and functional foods. The purpose of Session VI of the 18th World Congress of CIGR is devoted to follow the trends, promote the advancement and enhance transfer of technology in food science and engineering at a global scale, while session VI-1 focuses on the modernization and innovation of plant resources R&D. The section aims at providing an international platform to promote interaction among academics, researchers, policy makers and companies to discover and evaluate the bioactivity efficacy, mechanism, safety of active chemical constituents, to enhance the efficiency of information and database to increase the sustainability of resources and quality of researches. Agricultural Products Processing Committee of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM), Agricultural Products Storage and Processing Committee of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (CSAE), Fuli Institute of Food Science Zhejiang University China(FIFS) will co-host this section.


Main Topics?
Following topics are included in this section:
Strategies for Research and Development of Plant Resources
Phytochemicals of Plant Resources
New Food Sources Discovery
Innovation Technologies & Methodologies for Assessment of Bioactive Constituents
R&D for Machinery and Equipment
Sustainability and Environmental Impact



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