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Inauguration of the West Branches of FIFS
November 05 . 2013

In order to commit on the scientific research on development of China featured resource and student training, enhance the social influence of FIFS and the benefit area of Foundation of FIFS, Fuli Institute is forming an academic alliance between FIFS in Hangzhou in the East, Guizhou University in Guiyang, Guizhou Province in the South and Tarim University in Nanjiang, Xinjiang Province in the West.


The Food Summit in China 2013&10th Annual Meeting of CIFST took place in Nanjing on Oct 27,28 and 29. On the Higher Education on Food Science and Technology Forum, Fuli Institute of Food Science (FIFS) established two west branches separately in Guizhou University and Talimu University which named Fuli Institute of Food Science?Guizhou University??Zhejiang University and Fuli Institute of Food Science?Nanjiang??Zhejiang University?


Suhe Meng, president of CIFST gives a speech at the inauguration. She expressed her highest respect to the initiative of advancing the student training capacity and food industry building in west area of China. In additional, she said that CIFST will fully support and called upon counterparts to support the development of FIFS. Mark L. Wahlqvist, director of FIFS and Donghong Liu, executive director of FIFS awarding the representatives from Guizhou University and Tarim University in the inauguration. Yingjie Pan (Vice president of CIFST, president of Shanghai Ocean University), Herbert Stone( Past president of IFT), Wei Chen (Director of food science department, Jiangnan University) and delegations in the food science from all around the world attended the inauguration. 

President of CIFST

Fuli Institute of Food Science?Guizhou University??Zhejiang University

Fuli Institute of Food Science?Nanjiang??Zhejiang University

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