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R. Paul Singh
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R. Paul Singh

Distinguished Professor and Engineer



Ph. D. Michigan State University, 1974


Professor Singh uses computer-aided modeling in his research of heat and mass transfer in foods during drying, thermal processing, immersion frying, air-impingement processing, freezing and frozen storage. He also studies food breakdown during digestion using computational fluid dynamics, in vitro and in vivo systems. This research is aimed understanding the role of food material properties and designing future foods for health.

Selected Publications

  • Bornhorst, G.M., Ferrua, M.J., Rutherfurd, S.M., Heldman, D.R., Singh, R.P. 2013. Rheological Properties and Textural Attributes of Cooked Brown and White Rice during Gastric Digestion in Vivo. Food Biophysics. 8(2): 137-150.
  • Kong, F. and Singh, R.P. 2010. A human gastric simulator (HGS) to study food digestion in human stomach. Journal of Food Science. 75 (9). pp E627-E635
  • Ferrua, M. and R. P. Singh. 2010. Modeling the Fluid Dynamics in a Human Stomach to Gain Insight of Food Digestion. Journal of Food Science 75(7): R151–R162.
  • Singh, R.P. and D.R. Heldman. 2009. Introduction to Food Engineering, Fourth Edition, Elsevier Publishing, London.
  • Ferrua M.J. and R.P. Singh 2009. Design Guidelines for the forced-air cooling process of strawberries. International Journal of Refrigeration. Volume 32, Issue 8, December 2009, Pages 1932-1943
  • Kong, F. and R.P. Singh. 2008. Disintegration of solid foods in human stomach (Review). Journal of Food Science 73(5): R67–R80.
  • Rotstein, E., R.P. Singh and R.P. Valentas. 1997. Handbook of Food Engineering Practice, CRC Publishing Co., Boca Raton, Florida.

Awards and Honors

  • Massey Ferguson Education Award, 2013, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, International Association of Engineering and Food, 2011
  • Harris Award, Ohio State University, 2011
  • Nicholas Appert Award, Institute of Food Technologists, 2010
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, College of Engineering, Michigan State University, 2009
  • Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering, 2008
  • Kishida International Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2007
  • Food Engineering Hall of Fame, 2003
  • Fellow, International Academy of Food Science and Technology, 2001
  • Fellow, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 2000
  • Fellow, Institute of Food Technologists, 2000
  • Distinguished Food Engineer Award, DFISA/FPEI, International Food Equipment Suppliers Association, and American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1997 
  • IFT International Award, Institute of Food Technologists, 1988
  • A.W. Farrall Young Educator Award, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1986
  • Samuel Cate Prescott Award for Research, Institute of Food Technologists, 1982.
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