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Andrew J. Sinclair Andrew J. Sinclair Ph.D.
Prof. Andrew J. Sinclair is well-konwn for Food Science (composition of food), Nutrition (fatty acid metabolism in man and animals) and Functional foods (omega3 PUFA, lycopene, olive oil, polyphenols, stearic acid). He was honored as Honorary Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine(2012). Except that,   查看资料>>  
Yanyun Zhao Yanyun Zhao Ph.D.
Prof. Zhao is internationally known for her development and characterization of antimicrobial edible films/coatings and biodegradable packaging products made from agricultural byproducts. Her research is focused on post-harvest technologies that enhance the quality, microbial safety, nutraceutical properties, and extended shelf life of fruits and vegetabl   查看资料>>  
Dr Zhongxiang Fang Dr Zhongxiang Fang Ph.D.
Doctor Zhongxiang Fang is an expert in antioxidant activity and metabolism of plant polyphenols, his research interests are: Effect of climate, environment and food processing technology on food quality and safety; Food processing technology and food engineering; Encapsulation of food bioactives   查看资料>>  
R. Paul Singh R. Paul Singh Ph.D.
Professor Singh uses computer-aided modeling in his research of heat and mass transfer in foods during drying, thermal processing, immersion frying, air-impingement processing, freezing and frozen storage. He also studies food breakdown during digestion using computational fluid dynamics, in vitro and in vivo systems. This research is aimed understanding   查看资料>>  
Arthur A. Teixeira Arthur A. Teixeira P.E.
Dr. Teixeira specializes in food preservation and sterilization processing systems; computer simulation, optimization, and control of food processing operations.   查看资料>>  
Mark L Wahlqvist Mark L Wahlqvist M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Wahlqvist's current research interests reflect an extensive multidisciplinary career ranging from bench, bed and field to multicentre clinical and longitudinal population studies. He remains involved in cross-cultural medicine and health with a view to community development and health advancement. To this end he remains on the executive of the ICS   查看资料>>  
Charles F. Shoemaker Charles F. Shoemaker Ph.D.
A major objective of Professor Shoemaker's laboratory was the study of food texture and the interactions of its components and the effect of food processing operations on these interactions. The measure of food texture is a relatively new area which promises to offer a means to monitor and improve the quality and value of processed foods. Professor Sho   查看资料>>  
S. Suzanne Nielsen S. Suzanne Nielsen M.S., Ph.D.
Department of Food Sciences ,Head & Professor Food Science   查看资料>>  
Ruihai Liu Ruihai Liu M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Liu’s research program focuses on diet and cancer, the effects of functional foods/nutraceuticals on chronic disease risks, and bioactive compounds in natural products and herbal remedies for anticancer and antiviral activity.   查看资料>>  
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